Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Three Cheese Tortellini Pasta w/ Grilled Chicken, Fresh Pesto Cream Sauce and Broccoli Rabe


broccoli raab; broccoli rabe
 A vegetable related to both the cabbage and turnip family, the leafy green broccoli raab has 6- to 9-inch stalks and scattered clusters of tiny broccolilike buds. It's also called brocoletti di rape , rape  and rapini . The greens have a pungent, bitter flavor that is not particularly popular in America where, more often than not, they're used as animal fodder. Italians are particularly fond of broccoli raab, however, and cook it in a variety of ways including frying, steaming and braising. It can also be used in soups or salads. Broccoli raab can be found from fall to spring in markets with specialty produce sections. It should be wrapped in a plastic bag and refrigerated for no more than 5 days.

tortellini; tortelloni
Small PASTA stuffed with various fillings, folded over and shaped into a ring or hat shape. Tortelloni are a larger version.

An uncooked sauce made with fresh basil, garlic, PINE NUTSPARMESAN or PECORINO CHEESE and olive oil. The ingredients can either be crushed with MORTAR AND PESTLE or finely chopped with a food processor. This classic, fresh-tasting sauce originated in Genoa, Italy, and although used on a variety of dishes, it is a favorite with pasta. Now there are "pestos" made from myriad other ingredients from CILANTRO to MINT.

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<"The reason I chose to post this as my second blog is simply the fact that it was simple!!!! I had grilled the chicken, boiled the pasta, made the sauce, braised my broccoli raab,  and still had time for some Bree toast points all in about twenty minuets.  Here is the products and procedure I used to get it done."> ENJOY

(Miese-en-plase) -Everything in its place before you cook

1.) 1 bag of totellini's (I found that Bortelli has the best pre-packaged pastas on the shelf)
2.) 2 pre-cleaned whole chicken breast
3.) 1/2 White onion (Diced small, about the size of a pee)
4.) 8-10 Crimini Mushrooms Sliced Thin
5.) 1/2 Cup. of prepared pesto (Choose your own pesto there a many kinds)
6.) 1 Cup of fresh chopped Basil (Pluck the leaves and roll together cutting thinly)
7.) 1/2 Cup of Heavy Cream
8.) 2 Tbsp of freshly minced Garlic (MInced is chopped down to almost like a paste consistency)
9.) 1 Bunch of Broccoli Raab w/ 2inch of stalk cut off!!!
10.) 2 pieces of whole grain toast
11.) 4 slices of thickly cut Bree

(Procedure)- Cook Smarter not Harder
A.) Fill a big sauce pot about 3/4 of the way full with water, Bring to a Boil. (Adding salt to your water when it comes to a boil will add flavor to your pasta and bring out the bright green color in your broccoli raab)
B.) Clean and season your chicken breast with salt and pepper (Two ways to cook your chicken breast, either on the grill or you can pan sear it in a little oil)  Pre-Cook your chicken and slice to your desire
C.) Take a little oil/or butter and saute your garlic and mushroom together, set aside when mushrooms are meaty
D.) Once your water has come to a boil, blanch your broccoli raab (Blanching time should be farely quick only about 3-4 minuets) Remove and set aside once cooked !!!KEEP THE WATER BOILING!!!!!
E.) Next drop in your Tortellini (Tortellini will take about 7-10 minuets to full cook)
F.) While the pasta is cooking take your Onion and saute it in a little butter until browned, then throw in your Broccoli Raab and season with salt and pepper 
G.) In a small sauce pan add your prepared Pesto, Heavy Cream, and about a 1/4 of the chopped basil, bringing it to a boil on med high heat, stirring constantly to keep the creamy from burning
H.) Now everything is almost done, put your toast in the oven and place your slices of bree on top until melted and goo-wee.
I.) Pull your pasta out of the water it should be done!, Drain, and toss in large bowl with your pesto cream sauce.  Place your mushrooms and chicken on top along with the rest of your chopped basil. 
IMG_0110.JPG.jpg -I Truly enjoyed this dish and had a grand time helping you enjoy it I hope!-

P.S. If you have any questions about something that you are trying to make and can't figure it out! POST IT on my wall, you can find me on facebook or here on the blog and I would be more than glad to help you with some ideas on how to figure it out.  COOKING SHOULD BE FUN

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