Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lets start it off with Breakfast

------Pan Seared Ham Steak, Easy Scrambled Eggs, French Toast, Fresh Strawberries-------

A.) Meise en plase (aka. Mess in place) -Get everything you need ready to cook at one time and it will make it easier to cook quickly and efficiently
1.) Pick a Roll, Loaf or Bagget that is your favorite.
2.) 4 large eggs
3.) 1/4 Cup. Cream
4.) Pre sliced Ham steaks or Slice from a whole Ham about 1/2 inch thick
5.)Fresh Strawberries (sliced thickly or to your liking)
6.) 1 Tbsp Cinnamon
7.) 2 Tbsp Sugar

B.) Procedure:  After everything is in place the procedure will guide you through the steps to making a delicious meal!!
1.) Take you bread and cut it on a bias about an inch thick (cutting it on a bias allows for even cook through out and allows your egg to soak through)
2.) Take two of your eggs crack them in a bowl, mix in cream, sugar, and cinnamon (I found that using a fork is better than a whisk, it allows you to smash the whites while mixing thoroughly)
3.) Heat Two Saute pans, one on med heat and one hi heat (High heat will be for the ham and eggs, the Medium heat will be or the french toast)
4.) Soak your Bread in the egg-cream mixture for a minimum time of two minuets. (The longer you let it soak, the more egg will be incorporated to the bread, making thicker french toast.)
5.) After the High heat pan is ready lay your ham steaks in, flipping every few minuets to prevent burning. (a little char is fine but to much will make it taste bitter, Careful)
6.) Take your soaking french toast out of the liquid and lay in your Medium heated pan. (Flip when a lite brown crust has formed on the bottom, Repeat)
7.) When your ham has finished getting its amazing color on it, take it out and set it aside.
8.) Add a little oil (Butter is a good substitute, BUT it will burn quickly in the high heat pan CAREFUL)
9.) Crack your remaining two eggs and cook to your desire
10.) Pull everything off the heat!!!! ITS READY!!!!! Add your strawberries and favorite syrup, whip cream, powdered sugar or just plain how ever you prefer (This whole procedure should take you no more than twenty minuets, BUT take your time at first to get it right, speed comes with practice.)

-------------ENJOY---------(if you have any questions feel free to ask me at any time)

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