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Stuffed Peppers w/Homemade Marinara pepper jack cheese and boiled potatoes

Stuffed Green Bell Peppers w/Homemade Marinara Boiled Potatoes

This dish is easy and quick, not much to it....
Makes for a great Lunch or an even better Dinner...

Stuffed peppers in American cuisine is a dish where bell peppers (often the green variety) are typically filled with a stuffing such as ground beef mixed with breadcrumbs or cooked riceegg,herbs and spices (especially paprika and parsley) and cheeseRecipes vary, but often include the following steps: removal of the seeds of the pepper, boiling them, stuffing them, covering with cheese, and baking the combined foodstuff until the peppers are soft. A sauce may be served with them, often a tomato sauce, but this, too, varies greatly. In some parts of the United States, this dish is sometimes referred to as "stuffed mangoes". [1]


Stuffed Peppers (Bharvan Mirch or Bharva Hari Mirch) is one of several stuffed vegetable (Bharvan subji) dishes in Indian cuisine. It consists of bell peppers (Shimla mirch) stuffed with cooked mashed potatoes (Aalu) and onions (Pyaz), seasoned with chili, turmeric, coriander, cilantro, salt and lemon juice. The peppers are then either browned in a Tawa (frying pan) or baked in an oven until the peppers are soft.


  • Dolma is a family of stuffed vegetable dishes that consists of stuffed peppers or grape leaves. Dolma are part of the Balkan cuisines and surrounding regions, such as Middle Eastern countries likeIranTurkeyAzerbaijanArmenia and also Central Asia.
  • Yemista is part of the Greek cuisine and consists of baked stuffed vegetables. Usually tomatoes, peppers, or other vegetables hollowed out and baked with a rice and herb filling.


Mexican cuisine has more than one stuffed pepper dish:
  • The Chile relleno, literally "stuffed pepper", consists of a roasted green Pasilla or poblano chile pepper stuffed with cheese (traditionally queso fresco), and/or (occasionally) minced meat, covered in an egg batter, and fried. It is often served covered with a sauce, although the type of sauce varies widely. It is sometimes also served in a taco with ricesalsa and other toppings.
  • Jalapeño poppers are jalapeño peppers that have been hollowed out, stuffed with a mixture of cheesespices, and sometimes ground meat, and then deep fried.

[edit]Middle East

  • Dolmeh Felfel a variant of Dolmeh. Dolmeh is stuffed vegetables such as grape leaves, cabbages, eggplants, tomato, etc. served in middle east and central asian countries.
  • Filfil Mahshi an Arab cuisine dish that consists of stuffed green peppers. Filfil Mahshi belongs to a family of stuffed vegetable dishes that consists of stuffed peppers or stuffed zucchini or stuffed eggplant.
  • Mahshi is an Egyptian and Sudanese dish that is spiced meat stuffed in green, yellow, or red peppers, or in tomatoes.

[edit]Scandinavian and Baltic Countries

[edit]Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia

Croatian Punjena paprika and potatoes
Punjena paprika (Croatian and Serbian for "stuffed peppers"), Filovana paprika (BosnianPolnjena paprika (Slovenian), Polneti Piperki (MacedonianTöltött paprika (Hungarian), or Pulnena piperka/Pulnena chuska (Bulgarian) is an Eastern European dish consisting of peppers filled with minced meat and rice. Most popular in the Zagorje and Vojvodina regions, it is influenced by Hungariancuisine. The meat, usually ground beef, is mixed with herbs, spices and rice. In Bulgaria, stuffed peppers are usually eaten with yogurt.
There are many variations of the dish across the Balkans.


Ardei umpluţi
Ardei umpluţi (Romanian pronunciation: [arˈdej umˈplut͡sʲ]) is Romanian for "stuffed peppers". This dish is usually prepared with bell peppers, stuffed with ground meat (usually pork), rice, onion and other vegetables and spices, and then boiled in a sauce made from cream, tomatoes and spices.


1.) I went to the store and Bought a Green Stuffed Bellpepper, it is usually stuffed with ground beef and pork and makes for a really juicy entre.
2.) 4 yellow golden potatoes
3.) 1 can of diced tomatoes in sauce
4.) 2 cloves of Garlic (smashed and chopped up fine)
5.) 4 Tbsp of extra virgin olive oil
6.) 1 bunch of fresh chopped Basil Leaves
7.) 2 slices of pepper jack cheese ( I found that pepper jack gives you a little zing, and adds tons of flavor to the peeper)
8.) 3 Tbsp of fresh chopped parsley (For Garnish NO REAL EFFECT TO THE DISH!)

A.) Pre Heat oven to 375 degrees, once pre-heated put Peppers on tray and place in the oven for about 20-30 min, or until internal temp of meat has reached 160. (putting the peppers in now will allow everything else to be ready when they come out)
B.) Bring about 6 cups of salted water to a boil for your potatoes (peel and cut n half) once water has come to a boil toss in your potatoes and cook until desired tenderness!
C.) In a sauce pot add your extra virgin olive oil and garlic, the olive oil should just barley cover the garlic.  Bring up on med-high heat until garlic starts to brown...(golden brown is what your looking for)
D.)Open and poor your diced tomatoes in with the oil and garlic, bring to a boil and mash with some sort of masher (don't mash to much you still want to have a few chunks left in the sauce for texture) ADD your basil and salt and pepper to taste! Your Homemade Marinara is done
E.) Pull your Peppers out of the oven and top with your favorite cheese, put back in the oven until melted.
F-INALLY.) Pull out your potatoes salt and pepper them, pull out your stuffed pepper with cheese, and top with your own personal homemade marinara!!!!!!!!! GARNISH AND SERVE

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BON_A_PETITE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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